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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual Arts Department Chair
Contact Allison Villars  Allison Villars (925) 687-2030 ex: 8339 Photo Arts 1, 2 and 3
Visual Arts Teachers
Contact Loralie Gohler  Loralie Gohler (925) 687-2030 ex: 8340 Ceramics
Contact Cynthia Pulido  Cynthia Pulido (925) 687-2030 ex: 8358 Art
Performing Arts Department Chair
Contact Martin Lejano  Martin Lejano (925) 687-2030 ex: 3330 Instrumental Music

Martin Lejano is a professional trumpeter, pianist, vocal percussionist, arranger, and music educator in the Bay Area. He studied jazz trumpet performance at UCLA, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Ethnomusicology. He received his Master of Arts in Education from Alliant International University. 

Performing Arts Teachers
Contact Christian Emigh  Christian Emigh (925) 687-2030 ex: 3380 Choir/Choral Music Director
Contact Martin Lejano  Martin Lejano (925) 687-2030 ex: 3330 Instrumental Music
Contact Eric Wilson  Eric Wilson (925) 687-2030 ex: 8310 English/Instrumental Music Teacher


Click the link below to view Ms. Villars' slideshow using high key format from her Photo Arts Class


High Key Photo Slideshow

(Choose Presenter View in top right corner)

High key photography is a form of creative imagery which primarily involves photographing the subject against a very bright (in most cases almost white) background with very little contrast to create an image that reflects a light, effervescent and joyful mood.

Essential Learning Outcomes

Art I

Art II

ROP Commercial Art

Photo I

Photo II

ROP Adv Photo

Ceramics I

Ceramics II

Adv Ceramics


Stage Band


Jazz Band

Music Technology I

Music Technology II


Concert Choir 

Show Choir

Ladies First

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