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The CHS Way/CHS Pride


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The CHS Way

Be Present

1.  Get to school every day.

2.  Get to class early, prepared and ready to go.

Do Your Best

1.  Strive for excellence, work hard, execute at a high level with great attitude and effort.

2.  Put forth your best effort all the time

Respect the Teacher, Your Classmates and Yourself

1.  Use appropriate language, be positive, be polite, take responsibility for your actions, own up to your mistakes,  

  accept the consequences and move on.

2.  You have the right to voice your opinion and the responsibility to respect the opinions of others.

3.  You have the right to be yourself and the responsibility to accept others’ differences.

4.  Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing.  Fair is everyone getting what they need in order to be successful.

Actively Participate

1.  Pay attention, listen, focus, participate, question, and learn.

2.  Ask questions when you don’t understand.

3.  Use class time for learning.

Prepare for Tomorrow

1.  Do your homework.

2.  Put quality ahead of just getting it done.

You will become...

Problem Solvers:

  • Complex Thinker: Thinks critically and creatively by identifying problems, assessing evidence and solutions and draws on multiple perspectives when approaching complex issues and adapting to challenges.  Applies knowledge and skills while investigating, interpreting and analyzing information in order to develop and implement creative
    solutions to complex problems. (MDUSD Graduate Profile)

Responsible Citizens

  • Community Contributor:  Uses acquired cultural awareness and sensitivity to work in teams to share ideas and responsibilities, solve problems, and achieve shared goals.  (MDUSD Graduate Profile)

  • Global Citizen and Responsible Worker:  Demonstrates integrity, adaptability, and ethical behaviors by acting responsibly and working effectively in an ever-changing society.  (MDUSD Graduate Profile)

  • Effective and Ethical User of Technology:  Ethically and thoughtfully employs a variety of digital media and technology to communicate, analyze and organize information, and create products and solutions.  (MDUSD Graduate Profile)

Inclusive Leaders

  • Health and Wellness Advocate:  Demonstrates a commitment to physical and mental well-being of self and others to make positive and healthy choices.  (MDUSD Graduate Profile)

Dedicated Learners

  • Self Directed Learner:  Independently seeks and uses resources including teachers, peers, print and digital references with perseverance and endurance to engage in new learning toward academic, professional and personal goals.  (MDUSD Graduate Profile)

Effective Communicators

  • Effective Communicator:  Is proficient in writing, speaking and listening adapted to audience, task, purpose and discipline.  (MDUSD Graduate Profile)

What's that spell?? P R I D E