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ASB Leadership

Activities Director:

Leah Darby

Ext. 3366

Concord High School Officers:

ASB President

Lucy Goetz 

ASB Vice President

Karen Jauregui

ASB Secretary

Kendall Clark

ASB Treasurer

Dylan Roberts 

Concord High School Senior Class (2023) Officers:

Jacqueline Tamayo - Senior President

Zayed Hafiz - Senior Vice President

Maxine Okakpu - Senior Secretary/Treasurer

Concord High School Junior Class (2024) Officers: 
Kiarra Jorden- Junior President

Senin Naik- Junior Vice President

Sienna Finney- Junior Secretary/Treasurer

Concord High School Sophomore Class (2025) Officers:
Rae Nieto- Sophomore President

Aaimya Brown Webster- Sophomore Vice President

Allison Pineda- Sophomore Secretary/Treasurer

Concord High School Freshman Class (2026) Officers:

Shay Caban - Freshman President

Samenta Phoumary - Freshman Vice President

Sara Miller - Freshman Secretary/Treasurer

ASB Leadership

ASB Leadership at Concord High School develops young students into servant, responsible, and ethical leaders  While individual improvement is an element of the program, the overall focus is to craft a positive and accepting student culture that embraces and recognizes individuality. Developing initiatives and committees to include all students, recognize student achievements, and create a community of positivity and pride, is among the core principles of the program.

In 2017 and 2018, the ASB Leadership program at CHS was recognized as an Outstanding Leadership Program by the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL).


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