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Special Education

Special Education

Special Education Teachers

 Contact Kathryn (Kat) Cruz  Kathryn (Kat) Cruz (925) 687-2030 ex: 8352 Special Education
IContact Heather Donohoe  Heather Donohoe (925) 687-2030 ex: 8369 Educational Specialist
Contact Kanika Jefferson  Kanika Jefferson (925) 687-2030 ex: x8337 Special Education - English
Contact Adam Lieb  Adam Lieb (925) 687-2030 ex: 8351 Resource
Contact Robin Pizza  Robin Pizza (925) 687-2030 ex: 8396 Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Contact Shannon Shrestha  Shannon Shrestha (925) 687-2030 ex: 8363 Educational Specialist
Contact Joy Supplee  Joy Supplee (925) 687-2030 ex: 8336 SDC-LH Case Manager; SDC Science & SDC Math Teacher
Contact Timothy Timon  Timothy Timon (925) 687-2030 ex: 8349 Educational Specialist
Contact Cheryl Zappettini  Cheryl Zappettini (925) 687-2030 ex: 8376 Educational Specialist - Magnet Program


SE staff

CHS abides by the MDUSD

Special Education Mission Statement


Special Education Department

The district will refine its delivery of special education services to strengthen communication with families, improve assessment of the needs of children, and improve implementation of special education services. The district will provide in-service training to benefit administrators, teachers and assistants to establish a climate of acceptance for students with specials needs and to foster integration.

Essential Learning Outcomes

Academic Success

SDC English

SDC Intro to Algebra

SDC Algebra AB

SDC Algebra CD

SDC Biology

SDC Environmental Science

SDC History

Parent Information

Notice of Change in California Department of Education State Testing

Department chair

Tim Timon