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Social Science


  Matt Harrod (925) 687-2030 ex: 8342 Athletic Director/Social Science/Work Experience


  Ryan Clason (925) 687-2030 ex: 8366 Social Science
  Allison Faghih (925) 687-2030 ex: 8364 Social Science
  Matt Harrod (925) 687-2030 ex: 8342 Athletic Director/Social Science/Work Experience
  Erin Kaprelian (925) 687-2030 ex: 8365 Teacher
  Nicholas Sacco (925) 687-2030 ex: 8361 Social Studies
  Jeff Schiebler (925) 687-2030 ex: 8359 Social Science



As per a dictionary definition, social science is:

1. The study of human society and of individual relationships in and to society.

  1. A scholarly or scientific discipline that deals with such study, generally regarded as including sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, political science, and history.

The Social Science Department at Concord High School is composed of dedicated teachers who prepare their students for success in their future endeavors through the skills and curriculum learned in our courses. We focus on developing the three “R’s” in our classrooms at all times, Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. Through this approach we feel that students will not only master the content of each course, but take away valuable life-sills that can be used across disciplines. We offer 4 required graduation courses and two electives as follows:

            10th Grade: AP World History and College Prep World History

            11th Grade: Honors US History and College Prep US History

            12th Grade: AP Economics, Honors Government, College Prep Economics and College Prep Government

            Electives: Sociology/Psychology, AP Sociology/Psychology

Committees and Clubs:

Department Member


Ryan Clason

District ABI Instructor, Technology Integrated Leader

Matt Harrod

This is my 15th year here at Concord High School as both a teacher and Head Baseball Coach. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with our students and staff on a daily basis. Getting the opportunity to spread my passion for learning is something that drives me everyday!

Jeff Schiebler



Department Member


Ryan Clason

MA in Education (Leadership and Administration), MA in Teaching

Matt Harrod

MS in Education: Online Teaching and Learning

Jeff Schiebler


Links to Class Websites

Department Member

Links to Class Websites

Ryan Clason

Matt Harrod


Jeff Schiebler



Essential Learning Outcomes

World History

AP World History

US History

AP US History

US Government


AP Economics



AP Psychology