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English Department

2023-2024 English Team

Concord High English Department Staff Members
Rebecca Blue Dell (Ms. Dell)

AP Lit/English IV/Yearbook/Intro to Film

English Department Co-Chair

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Gabrielle Murphy (Ms. Gabrielle)

English IV/Creative Writing/AVID Coordinator

English Department Co-Chair

Photo of Ms. Gabrielle

In my 10th year of teaching, I continue to be grateful and feel blessed to teach at Concord High School and be a part of the community. I believe that all students can learn and develop the skills needed to succeed in their post-secondary college and career goals. Each student is unique. It is my job to help them develop their academic, social-emotional, and career goals. I am looking forward to another year of getting to know new students, reacquainting with old ones, and helping them all acheive their goals.


Mikayla Boné (Ms. Boné or Ms. B)

ELD/Drama/Anchor English

Teacher Mikayla Bone

Hello! My name is Mikayla Boné (pronounced Bo-NAY), and I'm so excited to teach your students this year! I teach English 2, English 3, English Language Development (ELD), and Drama. I earned my undergraduate degree in Education Sciences at UC Irvine, and my Masters degree in English Literature at San Francisco State. I'm also our campus Anchor Coordinator, and our campus TUPE (Tobacco Use and Prevention Education) Coordinator.

I believe students should be co-creators of learning in the classroom. I also believe their grades should be based on growth. I do not conduct traditional grading in any of my classes, and I do this because I believe that the focus of this semester should be on growing as a reader, writer, and human. Students’ grades should be based on how well we agree about how the student has grown and how much content they’ve mastered in the course. My students and I work together to track their progress and create focus areas for them to develop in throughout the semester.

Above all, I believe the purpose of learning is to help us remain curious about each other and the world. English classes should also instill students with a passion for reading which they will never lose. I want students to recognize themselves as powerful, independent thinkers, and I want them to go on to inspire others to learn about something that interests them.

Sophie Robinson (Ms. Robinson)

English I/English II Pre-Honors

Graduation pic of Ms. Robinson

My philosophy of education is that all children are unique and a stimulating environment helps students grow mentally, emotionally, and socially. I look forward to this school year and getting to know each and every one of you!

Carolina Viscogliosi (Ms. Viscogliosi)

English I/English II

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I believe that students who feel emotionally safe in the classroom environment are more likely to have positive intellectual experiences at school.

Shannon Carr (Ms. Carr)

AP Lang/English III/Public Speaking

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Lisa Cattrone (Mrs. Cattrone)

ELD/ALD/MLL Coordinator

Picture of Mrs. Cattrone

I'm excited to come to work every day. I absolutely love my students and my job. 100% of students can succeed and excel. I believe in my students and colleagues!


Andrew Smith (Mr. Smith)

English I/English III

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Azeema Yahya (Ms. Yahya)

English III/English IV/Link Crew Coordinator

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Will Zibell (Mr. Zibell)

ELD/English II

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My passion as an educator is to engage ALL students in their learning, support them social-emotionally, and prepare them for post-secondary success.

2022-2023 English Team


English Department



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