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Concord High School Attendance Policy (effective 2021)


 ● Student sick? Parent/Guardian call hotline at 925-682-8000, Ext. 7900 

● Parent/Guardian has 72 hours (3 days) to clear absences. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, so please use this number. Include the following:

○ Student’s name (please spell the last) 

○ Date of absence 

○ Reason for absence 

○ Parent/Guardian’s name 

○ Daytime phone number

 ● Student has appointment? Parent/Guardian must send a note or call 925- 682-8000, ext. 3313, TWO HOURS IN ADVANCE, to request a permit to leave. 


● Student Tardy? If it’s past 9:00 am, they must come to attendance to get a pass. Flat tires, traffic, oversleeping, or dropping off siblings are not excused tardies, to name a few. Parents/Guardians need to clear tardies due to illness or appointments.

 ● Student is ill and needs to leave school? ONLY parent or guardian may release student, after the student comes to the attendance office.

 ● Student leaves campus without a permit to leave? TRUANT – no exceptions!! 

● Teacher marks student absent, and they were there? Parent cannot clear! Student must get an attendance correction slip and have the teacher authorize the change.

 ● Student has been absent 12 times, and parent has called to clear. Every absence after that will require a doctor’s note. (State Ed Code) 

● Concord High School is a closed campus. Students may not leave for brunch or lunch.