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Physical Education Teachers
  Megan Coddington (925) 687-2030 ex: 3347/3348 Physical Education/Athletic Director
  Craig Kilcoyne (925) 687-2030 ex: 3358 Physical Education
  Kami Rossi (925) 687-2030 ex: 3367 Physical Education
  Matt Ryan (925) 687-2030 ex: 3368 Physical Education/Academy PE

Classes by Period

0 Period

Weights - Ryan

Yoga - Rossi

Cyber High - Coddington


1st Period

PE 9 - Coddington

Prep - Rossi, Ryan

Team Sports - Kilcoyne


2nd Period

PE 9 - Kilcoyne

Weights - Ryan

Yoga - Rossi


3rd Period

 PE 9 - Kilcoyne

Unified Sports - Rossi

Weights - Ryan

Yoga - Coddington


4th Period

PE 9 - Coddington

Soccer - Kilcoyne

Yoga - Rossi


5th Period

PE 9 - Rossi

Personal Fitness - Ryan

Weights - Kilcoyne

AD Prep - Coddington


6th Period

PE 9 - Kilcoyne

Weights - Ryan

OFF - Coddington, Rossi

Physical Education

ORDER your PE Clothes for 2022-23 NOW!

  • Orders will be purchased through Gryco Sportswear and a receipt will be sent to your email
  • Clothes ordered by Sun, Aug 7 will be received week of Aug 29
  • Clothes ordered Aug 8-21 will be received mid-Sept

FUN Fitness at home ideas!!!

The PE Department has come up with a variety of ways to stay active at home. We hope that you will browse through the activities, set some personal fitness goals, and put a plan in place to achieve them. We have also included some video links for practicing PE 9 Fitness Testing. Happy exercising!


1. Exercise on your own 3-4 days/week - use this Activity Log to record your efforts.

2. Weight Lifting Log

3. Push Up Challenge

4. Plank Challenge

5.  30 Day Burpee Challenge

6. 100 Burpee Challenge

7. Squats for BeginnersSquat Challenge

8. Core Challenge

9. HIIT Challenge

10. Create a Deck of Cards Workout

11. PE 9 Fitness Testing - Push Ups, Curl Ups

12. Create a Tabata

13. Download a Fitness App (Tabata Timer, MapMyRun, SportsTracker, Home Workout)

14. Fitness Video Games (Wii Sports, Just Dance, etc)

15. Exercise Videos Online (GoNoodle, Fitness Blender, etc)

16. PE Vocab/Rainy Day Activities


1. Crow Sequence

2. Forearm Sequence (use a wall to spot you)

3. Frog Pose Sequence

4. Hip Opener Sequence

5. Immune Booster Sequence

6. Pigeon Sequence

7. Revolved Triangle Sequence

8. Warrior III Sequence

9. Shoulder-Core Sequence


Meet the PE Department


Welcome to our department page! I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the physical education classes, curriculum, or Athletics. Please contact me via email (preferred) or telephone (925) 687-2030, x3367.

        College Career 

  • M.A. in Education from Grand Canyon University, AZ
  • B.S. in Zoology from Humboldt State University, graduated Cum Laude
  • Minor in Psychology from Humboldt State University
  • 2014 Humboldt State Hall of Fame Inductee (1999 Softball Team)
  • 2007 Humboldt State Hall of Fame Inductee - Softball
  • 1999 NCAA Division II National Softball Champions Humboldt State
  • 1999 All-American Catcher - Humboldt State

Photo: HSU Hall of Fame Picture with my sons Brady & Geno

       High School Career

  • Teacher at CHS since 2005
  • Department Chair since 2007
  • Varsity Softball coach since 2010
  • Athletic Director since 2011
  • 2010 CA Coaches Association Softball Coach of the Year
  • NCS Division II Softball Champions 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017
  • DVAL Champions 2010-2018
  • NCS Playoff Appearances 2010-2019

2010 Championship

Photo: 2010 NCS Div II Softball Champions


Craig Kilcoyne

  • Professional Golfer's Association of America Class A Member
  • M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Chapman University
  • B.S. in Physical Education from CSU Stanislaus
  • MVP and NCAA Division II All-American Selection in Golf at CSU Stanislaus
  • MVP and First Team All-State Golf team at Chabot Junior College
  • Teacher at CHS since 2004
  • CHS Varsity Girl's and Boy's Golf Coach since 2005
  • DVAL Girl's Golf Champions 2013 (1st ever League Championship for Girl's golf)

Golf Coach
Photo: 3rd place NCGA Masters 2010


Kami Rossi

  • B.S in Nutritional Science from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Holds Teaching Credentials in Home Economics, Physical Education and Health Science from St. Mary's College, Moraga
  • Graduate of Concord High School 1992; 3 sport athlete in cross country, basketball, and swimming
  • Teacher at CHS since 2000
  • Has taught the following courses at CHS: Foods I and II, PE 9, Aerobics, Dance, Yoga, Health Science, Child Development
  • CHS Varsity Head Cross Country Coach 2010, Asst Coach 2003
  • In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, running, fine dining, traveling, Giants Baseball, spending time at her farm, and being involved with her children's sports programs year-round.

Photo: Concord High School


Matt Ryan


Photo: Doug Senz

PE Syllabus


Students may only make up EXCUSED ABSENCES. Here are some options to make up participation points. Please ask your specific PE teacher if you have any questions!

1. Attend an Advisory session or Run on Blacktop at Lunch

  • Confirm a day with your teacher.

2. Make-Up Assignment - choose one per absence

3. Complete a PE Packet

  • Choose a Packet.
  • Read the information.
  • Print out and complete the Student Response pages at the end of the packet.
  • Turn them in to your teacher with your name, period, and date that you are making up on it.
  • This assignment is due within a week of the absence.

4. Internet Scavenger Hunt - (1 week assignment)

  • If you miss 3 PE days, you will be assigned an Internet scavenger hunt. Internet access is needed.
  • Internet Scavenger Hunt.docx
  • This assignment is due the day after your 1 week of missing PE is finished.

5. Research Paper (2 week assignment)

  • This paper will be assigned if the student will be missing 2 weeks worth of class due to a medical. Please speak with your PE teacher if you will be absent, excused, or on a medical for longer than 2 weeks, as that will result in more work.
  • Research Paper

PE Clothes and Locks

PE clothes and locks are available for purchase all year long in the Girl's PE Office. We carry sizes ranging from Adult Small to 2 XL. We also have some select 3 XL and 4 XL items.

  • Gray Cotton T-shirt - $10
  • Green Dri-Fit Short - $20
  • Green Sweatpant - $20
  • Gray Sweatshirt - $20
  • Black Yoga Pant - $10 (limited sizes available)
  • Lock - $5
  • Package: T-shirt, Short, Sweatpant, & Sweatshirt - $60

PE 9 & Team Sports Activity Schedule & Other Info

This is the current PE 9 and Team Sports Activity Schedule for the year. You will notice that PE 9 covers a variety of individual, dual, and team sports. Team Sports class participates in the more traditional sports like basketball, football, and soccer. Units may change or be altered due to inclement weather.

Activity Schedule 2019-20 - Coming Soon!

PE 9 Resource Links