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Concord High School & Summit high school attendance update


Attendance looks a bit different due to COVID-19, so please note the following:

If your student is absent, and will be unable to zoom their class or connect with their teacher, please call the hotline to notify attendance within 72 hours! This is state mandated.

The 24 hour absence hotline is 925-682-8000, ext. 7900

Please leave the following information on the recorder:

  • Student’s name (please spell the last name)
  • Grade
  • Reason for absence (required)
  • Person and relationship to student who is making the call
  • Your best daytime phone number

If you are calling to say that your student attended their distance learning class, but were marked absent, please have your student email their teacher. The attendance office will then be notified by the teacher to change their attendance. Parents cannot call to change this.

The current codes are as follows:

P       Participant (Online, synchronous instruction, 1:1 office hour)

3       2-way communication (two way communication with student and/or parent online or by email)

4       Online Activity (Completing a test, turning in assignment, etc.)

6       Support Services Accessed (Speech, Therapy, Occupaptional Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling)

A       Not engaged (Absent)


Attend school – of course you can do it, of course you should do it!

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