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Summer School


Summer School begins June 10th and is offered through July 3rd

Your student may have been automatically enrolled in summer school if they received a non-passing grade in a course needed to graduate. 


**Please note, all students must adhere to all school and district rules and policies.
 Students that do not adhere to Concord High School's guidelines will be dismissed from summer school and may impact their ability to graduate on time.

1. When is summer school? 

- June 10, 2024 – July 3, 2024 (No school June 19th, 2024)

- Monday - Friday  8:30am - 12:45pm

Students are expected to be on campus every day in their assigned classes.

2. What does the bell schedule look like for Summer School?

Daily Bell Schedule:

Breakfast: 8:15 - 8:30

Period 1:  8:30 - 10:45

Lunch: 10:45 - 11:15

Passing: 11:15 - 11:20

Period 2: 11:20 - 12:45

3. Where is summer school?

- Summer school will be held Monday-Friday on CHS Campus.

- All classes will be held in 200 or 300 halls.  200 hall restrooms will be open for use.

4. How will summer school work?

- All courses will be completed on an online platform called APEX.  All students will access APEX through their ClassLink.  

- Students can work on assignments independently, but will need a teacher present for tests.

- Students will start with 1-2 classes.  Once they finish a class, they are welcome to add another class and are able to recover up to 20 credits.  Please see a counselor once you have finished a course so that they can review your credits with you.

5. How do I find my child’s schedule for summer school?

- Beginning June 1st, students can login to Homelink, look at the main profile under summer school courses OR go to the “Classes” tab on Homelink.

6. Do I have to come to campus every day?

- Yes! Once you complete all classes needed to put you back on graduation track, you are finished with Summer School. 

7. What if my student is ESY?

- You will receive information from the district regarding services that are written into your student’s IEP.  

8. What if I am scheduled for only one semester?  Do I still come to campus every day?

- Yes. Please know you may be in either 1st or 2nd period and you need to check your schedule to know when you will be attending. 

9. Is summer school self-paced?

- Teachers will assign deadlines to complete units, but not every assignment will have deadlines.   

10. What if I finish my class before July 3rd?

- Then you will be finished with summer school and do not need to continue coming to campus.

11. Do I need my Chromebook?

- You are expected to bring your fully charged Chromebook everyday. 

12. Do I need books or supplies?

- The only supplies you will need are a Chromebook and earbuds.  If a student does not have earbuds, we can provide some. 

13. What if I have a personal device, can I use that?

- No. Students must use their district issued Chromebook. 

14. Will food services be available?

- Yes. Students will be provided with breakfast and lunch from food services.

15. Help! I still have questions, who do I call/email?

School number: (925) 687-2030 

Jane Kwiatkowski, Summer School Office Manager:

Becky Heindel, Summer School Counselor:

Meg Yagi, Summer School Counselor:

Nashon Williams, Summer School Principal:


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