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Common Core

This is a great site that explores the pros and cons of controversial issues.


Each issue has a core question, pros and cons in the form of short readings from primary sources, and quotations for both the pro and con sides by people of consequence.  There are also links to each source's biography. Each issue also has a link to a "Did You Know" section with interesting facts about the issue, an historical timeline, and a place for students to leave comments. Some of the issues also have videos.  

Teach Like a Champion! Doug Lemov

Preventing the "Gist" Discussion :  A Daily Template for Close Reading

Helping students engage with the difficult questions found in demanding text


Teach Like a Champion

Fantastic Website!

Perspectives for a Great America

This is a fantastic website!  There are wonderful, primary source texts, essential questions, and standards based lesson plans and strategies, many of which have handouts and graphic organizers.

The website is free for teachers.  You just have to register to access the materials.